Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bloor Street Sushi Reviews # 4...

Where does the week go? It just seems like yesterday that your humble author was writing about the dim-witted parents of the " Balloon Boy", and now I'm writing my weekly " Sushi" review.

The weather was a little sketchy as Bella and I headed to:

New Generation Sushi
493 Bloor Street W,

This place came highly recommended, so we could hardly wait to eat.

It was a little crowded when we got there, but the cute unassuming waitress who seated us, more than made up for any over crowding.

Bella had her usual "Bento" box, while I had the eight piece Sashimi plate.

After the traditional soup ( which was piping hot ), I got my plate. The presentation was orderly and neat, and the bright lighting of the restaurant gave the food an appetizing glow.

My plate was fresh and plentiful, but the salmon was just a tad on the bland side.
(Yes I know I'm being bitchy).

Bella's "Bento" was huge, and the tempura vegetables were fresh, crisp and hot. She ordered the teriyaki chicken and found it to be a touch fatty.

I had a glass of the house white wine ( Kressman, I'm betting) and the serving was healthy and the glass nice and cold.

The time that we spend here was pleasent enough, but I should confess that I don't think the restaurant lives up to all the superlatives that are heaped upon it. Yes it was "good", but I could not figure out why this place was jammed when all the other Sushi joints were almost empty. Oh well...

Dinner with a tip: $23.45

Bella and I give this restaurant a 4.2 out of 5

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